You will become a chess master


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Each playlist provides a brief description of the content. Check them all out!

My Online Lessons Program. The flagship series of my videos which will help you improve your play:

These kicked off April 6, 2012. Lesson001 outlines the methods for how I will teach you to teach yourself to become a chess master. Each subsequent lesson builds upon the prior ones, as I walk you through the experiences in my chess career. No matter when you start the course, it's there ready and waiting for you to continue at your leisure! 

Lesson Themes

Lesson001: The basics: How to duplicate my success.

Lesson002: Broad opening knowledge not needed to play well and beat strong players.

Lesson003: How to analyze when playing correspondence chess.

Lesson004: How to analyze your completed standard games.

Lesson005: An opening repertoire to break your opponent's preparations.

Lesson006: Candidate moves.

Lesson007: The principle of two weaknesses.

Lesson008: Impulsive moves, how to recognize and avoid playing them.

Lesson009: Live play, I play on FICS and describe my thought process.

Lesson010: How to handle the pressure of an important game.

Lesson011: How to break out of a slump.

Lesson012 is under construction! It will tie up the few loose ends and reinforces the worth of my program.

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