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Quotes Bill, i want to thank you for your great chess lessons. You are a great chess teacher. You make it so easy to understand . I have already seen your 10 lessons and I hope you dont stop giving us more and more. My respects, danielgomezgarzon Quotes
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Quotes My highest compliments and thanks to you. The effort you put into your video lectures, content and group work is remarkable. I have joined your new group and am excited towards its success. Keep up the good work :) Quotes

Quotes I find I am getting good results from using aww-rats' method for studying openings, i.e. I study them when analyzing my own games and while playing correspondence chess. This method does double duty -- it helps you learn the openings and also helps you see your mistakes and play the best moves in correspondence chess. I've been doing this less than a week and I already have notes on Petrov's Defense, KID -- Four Pawns, Scotch Game, Two Knights Defense, Philidor's Defense, King's Gambit (accepted), Ruy Lopez (arkhangelsk and exchange). English Opening and the Sicilian Dragon. Because I am really digging into these lines, I find them easier to remember as well. Good Chess! Katrina Quotes
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Quotes Thank you very much for your lessons. I love the fact that you want to share all this information that really helps a lot, It has made me a more solid player and my rating is going up. I was wondering if we could pay you to play online games and we could comment on every move so we can learn more. Thanks again for this great course. Quotes
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Quotes The lessons are really great! You can tell Bill is really passionate about chess and sharing his knowledge with you. I would recommend his videos to every improving chess player, they are true gems. Quotes
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Quotes At first I thought this was another program which would take money and leave me with no improvement, but when i took the time to see the lessons I understood how to improve in an effective way without wasting hundreds of hours on endages and opening thoery. The lessons helped me understand there is more in Chess than at first glance. Personally I appretitate Mr.aww-rats as he has repeatedly pointed out in his videos that you have to play your own game other than just following famous openings and ideas. I thank him for taking the time to give his hard-worked knowledge and methods to the world... Quotes
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Quotes This lessons help me improve my games at chess; Now I have 2000+ Rating at chess and thanks for this videos who helped me point what I need to train and study at chess. Quotes
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Quotes I have viewed the first 8 lessons of this master's presentation. I am very happy with it. I have developed a plan of improvement in chess that is sure to work and increase my skill. I have identified my weaknesses and strengths to form a program of study that is very efficient in use of time. We all know that time to study and play chess can be a problem for the working adult or student in school. Tune in to these lessons. You will be satisfied with what you see. Enough said. Quotes
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