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Ideology of this program

I wish to give back to the chess world all my knowledge of the game in return for the pleasure chess has given me in my 50+ year chess career.

My lessons are free, but if you find value in what I share, please consider a donation. If you can't donate, I understand, all I ask is you recommend this website to other chessplayers.

My Chess Career

National Master, USA, since 1981.

FIDE rated over 2200 for 30 years.

Peak USCF Rating, 2321, Peak FIDE Rating 2230.

ICC handle, aww-rats:





Winner, Herman Steiner Brilliancy prize, 1990, US Amateur Team Championship West. This game and a photo of my team is in May 1990 issue of Chess Life:


Gold Medal, Team USA, PATT#3, ICCF:


My game with former World Chess Champion Tigran Petrosian from 1982:


5 time Riverside, California Club champion: 1979, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1993.


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